Robert Johnson Guitar DVD
taught by Scott Ainslie

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Acoustic Guitar Article and Videos

The November 2009 issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine features Scott's article on Robert Johnson with TAB and accompanying video clips.

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The BluesNotes E-list

A few years back I started sending out occasional essays, commentaries and profiles of books that I found of interest as I read and researched about Blues:  its history, personalities, cultural lineage, social and political contexts. These posts are archived as "BluesNotes" on our site.

I also send out notices of regional tours and new releases. You can expect to receive two or three messages per year from us, typically they are under a page. If an essay is longer, we'll have a teaser with a link to the rest of the essay which will be available in full on line. These often lead to interesting email conversations. And a longer list of books that have been recommended to me by folks like you.

Like so much else, the web is a limited resource to be used lightly. I typically sort the BluesNotes list geographically when I send notice of tours, so you won't hear from me at your home in Florida encouraging you to come to my gig in California. The calendar is always on line at the site and if you are traveling, you can check to see if somehow we'll be in the same place at the same time. Stranger things have happened, believe me.

You can change or remove an address from our list by sending an email citing the address we now have for you with your request. We'll search for it and replace or delete it per your request. No hard feelings. We're all busy and these screens are taking way too much time away from the artist inside you and me.

Estimates are that more than 80% of email traffic is now SPAM: unwanted and unsolicited.  Our email list is private. Our goal is to use it sparingly and with respect. Your cooperation helps us do that.

The life's blood of an independent artist's career is now intimately related to our interconnectedness using the web, email, and networking sites. We save paper and resources by staying in touch on-line. We thank you for entering into this community of interest with us. Your presence is a gift.