Robert Johnson Guitar DVD
taught by Scott Ainslie

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Acoustic Guitar Article and Videos

The November 2009 issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine features Scott's article on Robert Johnson with TAB and accompanying video clips.

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Robert Johnson – Guitar Signature Licks DVD Taught by Scott Ainslie

Ainslie began his explorations as a guitarist after hearing northern Virginia grave digger and Bluesman John Jackson play back in 1967. Growing up with rock and roll, attracted to acoustic music and instruments, Ainslie found these influences converge in the music of Delta Blues cipher Robert Johnson, a solo acoustic singer-guitarist who laid down 29 songs at the age of 25 and 26, and died at the age of 27 in 1938.

In this instructional DVD aimed at intermediate and advanced guitarists (though useful to beginners, as well), Ainslie unpacks Johnson’s style, citing some of his influences and the tradition he was operating within, while teaching seven of Johnson’s most representative pieces in standard tuning, in Open A (or G) tuning, Open E (or D) tuning, and in Dropped-D tuning.

A seasoned instructor who has taught at Augusta’s Blues Week, The Swannanoa Gathering, Common Ground On The Hill, The Summer Acoustic Music Week in the US, and EuroBlues Week in the UK, Ainslie is comfortable with the material and knows how to talk to a camera. His relaxed delivery and his clear, confident explanations and demonstrations of Johnson’s style and techniques lead guitarists easily toward not just realizing, but understanding the accompaniments, and the ins and outs of playing solo acoustic blues.

A well-reviewed and highly recommended lesson on Johnson’s music and the techniques common to many other acoustic Delta Blues conventions, this DVD is a welcome addition to the growing library of worthy and useful instructional DVDs.