Robert Johnson Guitar DVD
taught by Scott Ainslie

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Acoustic Guitar Article and Videos

The November 2009 issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine features Scott's article on Robert Johnson with TAB and accompanying video clips.

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Student Comments from around the world:

I recently purchased your DVD on Robert Johnson's techniques and I must say you have removed the veil of confusion I have had for the last 20 years in my attempt to further learn Johnson's historic licks! I only wish I would have learned about your instruction 20 years ago, and I would have skipped law school.–DD

Your Robert Johnson/Signature Licks DVD is a masterpiece. Your guitar instruction is superb. The way you tie together the guitar instruction and the historical background of Mr. Johnson and his songs is magnificent. Thank You. –JD

Your DVD... I think I have no words to say... It's so original. The way you play is based 100% on Robert Johnson. The listening just took me away like when I first heard Robert Johnson. And in some way you bring up pictures of the era, making a listener to come closer to the music. In other words, you have the way to give life to these songs. Many congratulations for the result. I think I'll need another DVD as a backup, because this one's going to melt in my player. And of course I'll get your Terraplane CD soon, as a start. –PG

I am a performing guitarist and teacher located in the illustrious San Francisco Bay Area. I recently came across your Robert Johnson video and feel the need to give you my accolades. I find your approach on the video very accessible, friendly, informative and a great pleasure. I have recommended it to many of my students, who also have wonderful things to say. Keep up the good work! –PM

I also wanted to express my thanks. Your Signature Licks DVD is fantastic, and is actually teaching stuff that many others have failed to grasp. I find that your teaching method does not just positively instruct on the subject, but somehow immerses you in the subject and leaves you wanting to learn more. Having grasped this 'feel' from the DVD prepared me to continue on my learning journey and absorb more readily the contents of your 'Robert Johnson/At The Crossroads' book, which to me embodies everything there is to know on the subject. Thanks for all your good work. –JGV

I recently picked up your Robert Johnson instructional video and thought that it was awesome. I am learning a whole lot here. Mysteries are being unlocked for me, I feel like a musical Indiana Jones. About me: I'm 48 and have been playing in bars since I was 15 years old. –CS

I'm writing to tell you that after what must be several months of study and practice I can finally play Kind Hearted Woman Blues. You can't imagine how many times I had to back up and see certain parts again. And once I got the guitar part down somewhat, I thought I'd never be able to sing it at the same time. (I must have sung along with you a zillion times until I got it.) But I also can't begin to describe how wonderful it is to be able to play this song. I'm not a professional. I'll never be able to quit my day job. But I played a bit for my friend over the phone last night - and it felt great when he said it sounded like the original. So I'll try it at an open mic - probably Monday. –KG